The Country Dog Review

John Repp

Either He Left the House or Imagined the Whole Thing

Candle smoke, wheeze, the upstairs neighbor
banging her toothbrush free of water on the edge
of a sink just like the one through that doorway.
What I know of Handel could fill the thimble
of a dust mite darning a sock. Come blizzard,
come salt, the solstice happened & with it
the singing. I’ve learned to swim just enough
not to drown, humming the theme-music

of a brand-new cartoon without waiting
the requisite hour. Curiously & no doubt just
for this minute, I want no one to beckon me.
Ice-crystals festoon the dog’s happy ruff. The cherry
sports skinny snow-ridges on each branch & twig,
a testimony to stillness before we set off again.

John Repp’s fourth full-length collection of poetry, Fat Jersey Blues, has just been published by the University of Akron Press. His website is