The Country Dog Review

Contributor News

*Former Contributor Tasha Cotter's chapbook That Bird Your Heart was published by Finishing Line Press in March, 2013. Her first full-length collection, Some Churches, was published by Gold Wake Press in September.

*Spring 2009 contributor Alicia Casey's chapbook Crazy in Your History was published by Finishing Line Press in 2012.

*Fall/Winter 2011-2012 contributor Lisa Fay Coutley was recently awarded a Rona Jaffe Scholarship to attend the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and an Academy of American Poets Larry Levis Prize, chosen by Dana Levin.

*Fall/Winter 2011-2012 contributor Michelle Chan Brown's book Double Agent was  released from Kore Press in July, 2012.

* Spring 2009 contributor Greg Brownderville recently won the Audio Prize for Poetry at the Missouri Review. His newest book, Gust, is out from
TriQuarterly! Of Gust, Alan Shapiro says, "This is a book unlike any other and should establish Brownderville as a new and important voice in American poetry.”

* Spring/Summer 2011 contributor Vanessa Blakeslee wins the Bosque Fiction Award judged by Lee K. Abbott!

* Spring 2009 contributor Elijah Burrell's poems are currently featured in the newest issues of The Sugar House Review, Swink Magazine, and Muscle and Blood, and will be featured in the next issues of The Honey Land Review, The Penwood Review, and Blast Furnace.

*Winter 2010 contributor Ed Byrne has two new collections out: a full-length collection published in April, Tinted Distances (Turning Point Books), and an audio chapbook published in March, Dark Refuge (Whale Sound).

* Fall 2009 contributor David Galef's
new short story collection, My Date with Neanderthal Woman, won Dzanc Books' First Short Story Collection Prize, and is coming out November, 2011.

*Fall 2010 contributor Jason McCall's first book, Silver, is due out in 2012 from Main Street Rag.

*Fall 2009 contributor Nick Norwood's manuscript
Gravel and Hawk--poems from which appeared in CDR--has won this year's Hollis Sommers Prize in Poetry and will be published in early 2012 by Ohio University Press.

* Fall 2009 contributor Alison Pelegrin has a
new collection of poems, Hurricane Party, forthcoming from the University of Akron Press in October.

* Fall 2009 contributor Jay Rogoff's fourth book of poetry, The Art of Gravity, is forthcoming in September from Louisiana State University Press. Its obsessions include dance in all its forms and, in a sonnet sequence called "Danses Macabres," the ultimate gravity of our mortality.

* Fall 2009 contributor Ida Stewart's first collection of poetry, Gloss, won
the 2011 Perugia Press Prize (for a first or second book by a woman) and will be released early this fall. The CDR poems are among those in the collection, as are two poems that are currently available in the Spring 2011 issue of FIELD.