The Country Dog Review

Barbara Daniels

Instructions for the Photographer

The hawk’s black belly
must look soft as a glove.
Tell the woman to turn away,

aim her glance outside
the boundaries
toward horses waiting

in weeds. A large patch
of red is required.
Hang the cloth of honor

behind the woman,
counterpart to her slung hip.
She embodies pure

geometry: inverted
triangle, golden breasts.  
Her skin is sweet

as wings of shot birds
falling. She walks
with the horses into the wind.

Barbara Daniels
lives in Sicklerville, New Jersey.  Her chapbooks Black Sails and Quinn & Marie are available from Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press and her book Rose Fever: Poems from WordTech Press. Her poetry has appeared in Mid-Atlantic Review, Solstice, The Literary Review, and many other journals. She earned an MFA from Vermont College.